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Angels Softball F.A.Q.s

Q: How many Angles teams are there?  

A: Our goal is to have 2 teams at each age group.  For example, the 10u age group would have 1 team of 9-year old players (1st year 10u players) and 1 team of 10-year old players (2nd year 10u players).  However, girls may play “up” if they have the appropriate skill level.  

Q: Where do the Angel’s play and practice?  

A: Our home field is Jaycee Park in Chatham.  Some teams play in leagues at Spartan Sports Park or UIS.  

chatham angels softball

Q: How much does it cost to play for the Angels? 

A: This figure will depend on the age group and the direction of the team.  But generally speaking, $150-$200 per player.  

Q: What will tryouts be like?  

A: We get independent evaluators to score each player on throwing, hitting, ground ball defense, fly ball defense, pitching, and speed.  Results will posted on the following week.  

Q: How many games/tournaments will the Angels play?

A: Depends on the age group.  8u typically plays 3-5 tournaments.  10u will range from 5-10 tournaments.  12u/14u will play 8-10 tournaments.   Most tournaments are located in Central Illinois (Springfield, Bloomington, East Peoria) with reasonable travel and limited overnight stays.  

Q: When does the season start?  

A: Typically, softball teams will play a fall schedule.  This will include practice and games that usually run from mid-August to the end of October.  Most teams will start indoor practice in January and start playing games outside in March/April

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