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Braves Baseball F.A.Q.s

Q:  Where do the Braves play and practice?

A: Once April hits, the CBSI-affiliated Braves have practice time reserved at Chatham South Park fields. Home games and tournaments are played at either Chatham South Park or Spartan Sports Park. 

Q: Who can play for the Braves?

A: All players on the 8U - 12U Braves roster must reside in the Ball-Chatham School District (BCSD). Students that live within the district but are home-schooled or attend parochial school outside of BCSD can still tryout for and play for the Braves.

Chatham Braves Baseball

Q: How much does it cost to play for the Braves?

A: It depends on the age group, and coach discretion but generally parents can expect to pay $100 - $200 per player for the year (including uniforms). 

Q: When are tryouts and what is the tryout like?

A: Tryouts are generally held in late summer (late July/early August) at Chatham South Park. CBSI hires independent evaluators to come in and administer the tryout and scoring.

Players are scored for throwing, hitting, pitching, infield ground ball defense, outfield flyball defense, and speed.

Results are posted here on the following week.  A make-up tryout date generally follows the week after the original tryout date.

Tryouts are required at the 8U - 12U age group, but optional for age groups 13U and older.

Q: Can my son "play up" an age group for a Braves team for an entire season?

A: No. It is almost always best for players to play a summer season with their classmates against kids their age.

In unique circumstances, a younger player may "play up" as a substitute if a Braves team is short on players for a game or tournament.

Q: How many games/tournaments do the Braves play each year?

A: It depends on the age group, but generally each team will play three FREE CBSI-sponsored tournaments each summer at home in Chatham.

8U teams generally play in at least 1-3 additional tournaments (4-5 total tourneys).

Typically, all other age groups play in additional 5-7 tourneys (7-10 tourneys total) around Central Illinois,  and in some that involve overnight weekend travel with a hotel stay.

All teams also play additional games or participate in a League, at the coaches discretion.

A reasonable estimate of total games played would be 20-25 for 8U, and 30-50 for older age groups.

Please note that age 15U and older Braves teams cannot start until the completion of the high school season in late May or early June.

Q: When does the Braves season start and finish?

A: Practices for the spring-summer season typically start in early February at an indoor facility selected by the head coach.

Summer league play typically conclude in mid-July.

Some coaches may choose to play a light "fall ball" schedule as well after the team has been selected during the tryout process.

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